Virgilio Carnisio approaches the photographic world in 1961-62 took a course in advertising photography at the Enalc (National Training workers trade. From 1968 begins a work of analvirgiliocarnisioritrattoytical documentation of Milan, driven by the need to capture those aspects of interior city ​​destined to disappear. Subjects privileged are old courtyards, tenements, taverns and old shops, through which it intends to return the image of the so-called “old Milan”. landscape, architecture and commercial signs become the primary means through which Carnisio succeeds in Over the years, to offer a complete portrait of the city, not only in terms of the landscape, but also of social change.
Since then refines increasingly his research, finalizing their expressive language as part of the report in black and white setting mainly social, which deals successfully with other really significant, as his beloved Valsesia, Italy, Europe, the ‘Asia to America.
Many of his photographs have appeared in newspapers and magazines, books and encyclopedias. His photographs are part of public and private collections, and he wrote some of the most important journalists, critics and industry experts, publishing editorials in prestigious publications.He has participated in more than a hundred group shows and solo exhibitions realized hundred and ninety, in every part of the world.

Carnisio continues today his photographic investigation and in recent years he has dedicated himself to observe the radical transformation of the Isola neighborhood of Milan.


• Virgil Carnisio has received numerous honors for his work: in 1981 the BFI (Meritorious Photography of Italian); in 1982 the AFIAP (Artiste de la Fédération Internationale of Photographic Art) and in 1992 the BFA (Meritorious of Artistic Photography); in 2006 he received the National Award of Photography Pine Fantini and in 2007 the honors of the MFA (Master of Photography Artistic).

• On 26 May 2010 Manuela Ciriacono achieved with 110/110, the Master’s Degree in Art History and Criticism at the University of Milan – Faculty of Arts thesis “in the photography of Milan Virgilio Carnisio “- Supervisor Prof. Antonello Negri. The thesis was accepted and archived at the Library of the Museum of Contemporary Photography Cinisello Balsamo.

• On November 25, 2012 is assigned to Virgil Carnisio the AFI Lifetime Achievement Award – Stock Photo Italian in 2012, with the motivation “lifetime achievement award to Virgil Carnisio, Narrator of vision, which, with its images recounted with feeling Milan, Italy and the world. “