As may seem immense material collected from Carnisio of Milan, just as important was for him another place: the Sesia Valley, towards which showed equal dedication in telling its places and its people in all these years.

As for Milan the first photos date back to the early sixties. The town immortalized by this point on will almost always the same, with a focus on major (Valsesia, Crevola Sesia, Alagna Sesia, Varallo, Borgosesia), but also including the smaller towns of the valley of Vercelli.

And ‘possible to see how the Valsesia constitutes Carnisio for an escape from the city and this is evident in the perfect alternation of periods spent in the city and in the countryside: the summer, in fact, are constantly pictures taken in Valsesia.

Should not be overlooked, moreover, that the first publication ever that Carnisio he published in 1974, even before the release of “The railing”, it is “Old Varallo”, into which the images collected from the previous decade and then supplemented with photographs taken in 1973.

Reiterating that, even more than for Milan, the photographic documentation of Valsesia knows no limit and is carried out year after year, from the ’60s to 2000, we believe we can take as a general coordinates the dates of publication of the photo-books dedicated to Valsesia “Old Varallo”, 1974; “Sesia Valley of Silence”, 1978; “Crevola, a country of Sesia Valley”, 1982; “Borgosesia Borgosesia”, 1984; “Varallo: the face and the heart”, 1989; “Guide to Valsesia. Art and Nature “(with P. and M. Lazzarin Soster), 1990; “Varallo … more than a memory,” 2000; “The Cemetery Citizen of Varallo”, 2007.