The 80s are characterized by different photographic campaigns. The first, in January 1980, on commission of an audiovisual company, has as its object the posters around the city of Milan, distinguished by their “value aggregating”: no billboards, therefore, rather writes, flyers, posters of cultural , political and social that seems to have enjoyed that year in the last period of great spread. These images become part of the picture-book “Manifest-action”, made in the same year.

1981 coincides with the documentation of the neighborhood Garibaldi. Carnisio goes well to integrate that first group of images built between 1969-70, enriching it with new shots. Like any photo campaign by Carnisio, in fact, even here the approach is systematic and precise, not even leaving behind an alley in the neighborhood and perlustrandolo stepper, shop after shop. Photographer captures the outside of the windows, the sellers “doorway” ready to welcome customers, passersby on the street, penetrating more and more in the alleys and in doorways, taking some pictures of the interior also of Corso Garibaldi. The reportage was later published in the book “The old quarter Garibaldi” (1982).

Finally, in 1985, could not miss the documentation of the “Big Snow” in Milan, which will be born the book “Under the snow of Milan”, published that same year.