From the 90’s to today

Since 1985, the photographer is allowed a break from the metropolis, devoting himself to the numerous trips around Italy and the world. The return to his Milan takes place ten years later, in 1994, when some specific commissions provide new incentives to Carnisio, leading him to look to specific aspects of the city of Milan, has never before been treated are the years in which he made the folders themes “Milan: palaces and courtyards patricians” (1994), “Milan: historic homes” (1995) and “Milan remembers” of 1998, dedicated to the commemorative plaques placed on the walls of the city.
Since 2000 Carnisio resumes its intimate relationship with the city of Milan, creating new research themes: in 2001 “Milan: Madonnas”, dedicated to the testimony of Marian devotion scattered cities. 2002 is the painstaking work of research of the ancient house numbering old Austrian who feed into the folder “Milan: the old house numbers”, while the 2004 is the folder “Milan: the civic schools of the early ‘900″.
The attention of Carnisio perpetually vigilant against the city and its changes in place is evidenced by photographs taken in 2007, some of which are collected in the “changing face Milan: Bicocca Bovisa industry and culture.”
Even today Carnisio makes his rounds through the city, taking photos to large areas in transformation, as the district of the island, which is monitoring for some time. This demonstrates that the spirit of research that has always animated in recent years has not yet subsided.