Carnisio during his career travels a lot and makes so many reports, covering the entire photographically Italy and much of the rest of the world.

The decision to undertake these trips Carnisio coincides with a specific period, or at the conclusion of its first phase (1958-85), when they feel they have now captured virtually all of his Milan. Thus was born the need to broaden their horizons and begin his shots around the world, made in the following order: Yugoslavia (May 1984), the US (August / September 1985), Mauritius (March / April and August 1988), Czechoslovakia and Hungary (July 1988), France (April 1989), Switzerland and Germany (June 1989), Mauritius (July 1989), India (December 1989), Switzerland (April 1990), the Netherlands (June 1990), Egypt (October 1990 ), India (December 1990), Portugal (April 1991), India (December 1991), Turkey (July 1992), Greece (September 1992), Austria (February 1993), Mauritius (March 1993), Russia (May 1993), Cuba (September 1993), India (January 1994).

Numerous exhibitions have been realized over the years by presenting each time the reportage made in different locations, while only for India was also made a photo book in 1995, entitled “Putthaparti: the land of Shri Sathya Sai Baba”.